1. Linocut

    Printmaking process, using a relief method from carved wood or linoleum.


Created for Bleyk in 2012

Project Type

  1. Illustartion
  2. Print Design
  3. Printmaking

Used Mediums

  1. Design
  2. Linocut
  3. Paint

Paul is a printmaking project using the linocut process. This is a political illustration of Ron Paul, made during the presidential running in 2012.

It can be considered an abstraction, as well as realism, making this piece relational through multiple art styles. This was made through stages of my linocut process, consisting of design, hand carving, and print pressing.

I created this piece, not for the promotion of Ron Paul, but as a image or symbol representing the election of 2012. I chose Ron Paul because of what he represents, changing history in terms of view of the people towards politics and government.

If you are interested in an buying an addition of this political illustartion, please contact me through my contact page.

Political Illustration using the linocut process, of Ron Paul.


There is value & importance found in the process of art & design. This is what seperates us as artist & designers.

Aesthetically, it was originally made as a graphic element before this project. Taking this design and applying it to linoleum through these steps...

First tracing the original design and applying it to the linoleum backwards. Applying the design backwards allows the printing to come out correctly in the printing process.

The second step consist of carving the areas of the design that do not need paint, leaving only the positive areas of the graphic.

Final step, applying the paint to the backwards carved design linoleum. Followed by the pressing of the sheet to the desired paper, either by hand of a printing press. This leaves the finished product of the linocut printmaking process.


The print shows how each addition is unique, making each one personal.

Close up of one additions of this piece.

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