1. Painting

    This piece is a combination of acrylic and oil paint.


Created for Bleyk in 2012

Project Catagory

  1. Painting

Used Mediums

  1. Paint

Moby is a multimedia painting, consisting of oil & acrylic paints on a custom cedar canvas.The concept for this piece is focused the story of Moby Dick.

To capture the story in a specific way, I used multiple layers of acrylic and oil paints. This painting was done on raw cedar wood.

The benefits of using raw wood allows the oil from the paints to be absorbed, allowing the painting to dry quicker. This also allowed the paint to seep into the wood, creating more values of color.

Close of Moby, showing the detail of the painting.


There is value & importance found in the process of art & design. This is what seperates us as artist & designers.

The process of this piece took numerous steps and repetition. The first step consisted of finding my supplies. For this painting I used a red, yellow, and blue oil paints. For my black and white paint I used acrylic. For my canvas I used raw planks of cedar wood. In this painting the only tool I used was a painting knife, no brushes what so ever.

After gathering supplies I then applied a light grey base coat for the colors to pop. This then followed with multiple layers of oil paints, then shadows and highlights done with acrylic paint.

Wide shot of this piece, Moby.

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